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  • International Toll Free Restrictions

The table below indicates countries where CenturyLink has implemented a toll free customer care number.  The table also identifies known restrictions in the country you are dialing from.  The accessibility restrictions apply to the Global Origination Service access numbers for that country as well.  If you are in a country that does not have an international toll free number available, you can reach the customer care group by dialing the Canadian toll number +1 303-389-4018.

Before attempting a conference call, please be sure to test for accessibility from the location where you will join the conference.  There may be additional restrictions that CenturyLink has not been notified of.

Country Customer Care Number

Global 800 Restrictions

Argentina 08006660297 No restrictions
Australia 1800000571 No restrictions
Austria 0800293379 No restrictions
Bahamas 18003890338 Available on all major islands
Belgium 080011683 No restrictions
Brazil 08008916671 Moblie access may need to be requested through carrier
Canada 8006684703 or +1 3033894018 No restrictions
Chile 800532966 Not available from mobile networks
China Netcom 108007140538 Only available to China Netcom users
China Telcom 108001400538 Only available to China Telecom users
Colombia 018009198258 Not available from mobile networks
Costa Rica 08000150532 No restrictions
Croatia 0800222802 No restrictions
Cyprus 80096144 No restrictions
Czech Republic 0800142791 No restrictions
Denmark 80886179 Available from mobile networks at a premium rate
Dominican Republic 18887514607 No access from Tricom network
Ecuador 1800010187 No access from Pacifictel network
El Salvador 8006202 Reqeust access through Telfonica
Finland 0800112305 No restrictions
France 0800916540 No restrictions
Germany 08001825610 Available from mobile networks at a premium rate
Greece 0080016122038605 Only accessible from OTE Globe network
Guatemala 18006240057 Not available from mobile networks
Hong Kong 800968882 (toll free), or 30508637 (toll) No restrictions
Hungary 0680015162 Not available on all networks.  The only mobile network with access is Westel
Iceland 8008063 No restrictions
India 0008001006031, or 0008001005008 (VSNL), or 0008000012008 (Bharti) Not all networks are allowed access
Indonesia 0018030161961 Mobile access is available from Matrix Cellular network (prefix 0855, 0858, 0815 and 0816) only
Ireland 1800514027 Vodafone and O2 Digiphone are mobile networks with access
Israel 1809458605 No access from Paltel mobile network
Italy 800784639 Beside Telecom Italia, not all other domestic carriers give access to Toll Free numbers. International toll free services are partially available from mobile networks: Tim, Vodafone, Wind, H3G
Jamaica 18002986623 No information
Japan 00531160266 Not available from all networks, mobile access varies
Latvia 8000834 No restrictions
Luxembourg 80023955 Not available from mobile networks
Malaysia 1800803644 No restrictions
Mexico 0018005148258 May be restricted from foreign mobile access
Monaco 80093337 No restrictions
Netherlands 08000222031 Mobile available at premium rate
New Zealand 0800446810 Must request mobile access
Norway 80014197 No restrictions
Panama 008002269832 No restrictions
Peru 080053002 No restrictions
Philippines 180018580011 Restricted from mobile network - may be allowed upon request
Poland 008001114554 No restrictions
Portugal 800819401 Not available from mobile networks
Russia 81080022371012 No mobile access. Country coverage limited
Saint Kitts / Nevis 18002038605 Not available on mobile networks
Singapore 8001011387 No restrictions
Slovakia 0800004266 No mobile access
South Africa 0800990925 No restrictions
South Korea 00308140379 Not available from mobile networks
Spain 900951512 Not available from mobile networks
Sweden 0230285580 No mobile access
Switzerland 0800564169 Mobile access available at premium rate
Taiwan 0809092293 No information available
Thailand 0018001562038605 IDD (international direct dialing) must be activated for mobile access
United Kingdom 08005280800 or +44 2079790002 Not available throughout country
United States 8884471119 or +1 3033894018 No restrictions
Uruguay 00040190116 Not available from mobile networks
Venezuela 08001003090 No mobile access
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